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Thank you for your interest in Alchimie Zinc™!  Please review the system requirements to make sure your PC is compatible with Alchimie Zinc™ then fill in the form below to see the download links.  Once you have Alchimie Zinc™ installed on your PC, feel free to view the various videos and tutorials in our Media section.

Please note,  the Trial version of Alchimie Zinc™ will only support a maximum of 50 songs during synchronization and will expire after 30 days of use.  The trial version can be unlocked by going here to purchase an activation code.

System Requirements

Alchimie Zinc™ is compatible with:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OSX (10.5+)
  • Java 1.6 & 1.7 (Java 1.7 will enable more features and is highly recommended)
  • NOTE:  On Mac OSX, Apple’s Java version 6 is obtained using the Mac OSX software update tool.  Java 7 can be obtained from
  • For OSX 10.8.1+ (Mountain Lion) users, you may need to temporarily set your System Preferences> Security & Privacy> General settings to Allow applications downloaded from “Anywhere”.  Once Alchimie Zinc ™ is installed & running,  you can change this back to your preference.


To see a comprehensive tutorial on how to download, install and Activate Alchimie Zinc ™, Click here  


Installation Instructions

  • Mac
    • Download, unzip, and mount the disk image from the link provided (link will appear after filling in the form below).
      • Please note that for OSX there are two versions for you to choose from:
        • Choose the Java 6 version if you are using Snow Leopard.
        • Choose the Java 7 version if you are using Lion, Mountain Lion or later.  The Java 7 version requires the latest version of Java from Oracle (
    • Drag the Alchimie Zinc™application to the “Applications” Folder.
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Download and unzip the setup executable using the link provided (link will appear after filling in the form below).
    • Double click on the executable to launch the installation process and follow the steps to complete the setup.

    Note: Alchimie Zinc may have trouble recognizing some Greek and Hebrew characters.  There is no work around in this version, however this will be corrected in the next version.