System Requirements

Alchimie Zinc™ is compatible with:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OSX (10.5+)
  • Java 1.6 or Java 1.7 is required (NOTE:  Java 1.7 is preferred and will enable additional features)


As DJ’s we know that time is your most valuable resource.

If you are a Pro DJ, or a DJ hobbyist you spend countless hours, days and even months arranging your valuable music collection on your hard drive, and removable storage devices. Why should you have to duplicate this process in various applications? Are you frustrated with adding new songs to your hard drive and then having to deal with the tedious steps of adding all the crates and subcrates again in your DJ Application? We at Alchimie, as DJ’s, have contended with this issue ourselves and have decided to create a tool to remedy this issue.

Alchimie Zinc™ allows a DJ to use their “existing” Hard Drive file structure to sync music into two of the most popular DJ applications on the market, “Serato Itch”, “Serato Scratch Live”, “Serato DJ Intro” and now “Native Instrument’s Traktor”. With a simple graphical user interface your DJ Management needs are met with the click of a button.

Alchimie™ has many features that are sure to save you valuable time to get you back to doing what you do best….Performing.

Essentially,  Alchimie Zinc™ maintains a list of “Media Roots”, these are Folders/Directories that you add manually or simply drag and drop from your file system.  These “Media Roots” correspond to crates in your DJ program.  When you are ready,  you can then synchronize this list (along with all sub folders) into your Serato or Traktor application in mere seconds. This feature in and of itself can potentially save hours,  or even days of tedious setup – but that’s not all!

Whats new in Alchimie Zinc™ Version 1.1.207 (Current Release)

  • Native Instrument’s Traktor 2.6 compatibility: After many requests from the Traktor community, Alchimie Zinc™ now syncs to “Music folders” in Traktor.

             Note: “Import Music folder at startup” must be selected in Traktor configuration to view the synced folders.

  • Simultaneous Sync: Alchimie Zinc™ will now automatically sync to multiple locations with a full Serato database Structure. No matter where your media is located, Alchimie Zinc™ will correctly write the Serato structure only to the drive containing the media. This largely eliminates the need to manually select the drive in the configuration each time you want to sync to a different location, such as an external drive.
  • Dynamic Preview: You can now preview the selected song or multiple songs at once within Alchimie Zinc™. Previewing multiple songs allows for comparison of loudness and frequency information. With Java 7 or above, the preview will show a dynamic Decibel/Frequency chart while playing. This allows the DJ to compare volume levels of the selected songs to ensure it is not to loud or lower than expected. The frequency display allows the DJ to recognize elements of the song to be equalized or the range to be eliminated to produce an effect. NOTE: WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, non-DRM WMA (Windows only) and Apple Lossless (ALAC) formats are supported for Java 7, Java 6 allows preview of Mp3 only.
  • Alchimie can now recognize and sync FLAC files to SSL/Itch and Serato DJ.
  • Large library Sync: Alchimie Zinc™ can handle larger libraries of media across multiple drives and sync them to the correct locations. For example, you can drag folders/directories from five different drives to the sync window and sync to all locations…. simultaneously. Alchimie Zinc™ will sync and create the necessary Serato structure across all 5 drives.
  • Option to collapse all crates after Syncing.
  • Many stability & performance improvements throughout our code base to keep you as productive as possible.

Alchimie Zinc™ Version 1.0 (Initial Release)

  • Add, Rename, Remove “Music Roots” at will.
  • Add a media file (MP3’s etc) from your file system into a “Media Root”.
  • Synchronize to SSL/Itch with or without overwriting your current crates and (optionally) with a backup of your current crate structure before the sync begins.
  • When you are on the move,  no need to take your PC with you! Simply use Alchimie Zinc to synchronize your songs and crates to an external device such as a USB thumb drive or other external storage device.  On the destination PC,  SSL/Itch will automatically recognize this and import your crates and songs!
  • Export your song list to a spreadsheet (CSV Format).  Alchimie Zinc™ can understand most ID3 meta tags and will include this information in your spreadsheet export.
  • Manually backup your Serato application crate structure at any time.
  • Using Alchimie Zinc’s™ UI, Drag and drop columns, change sort orders on various IDv3 tags, remove or add columns then use the “Set Columns” function to set the SSL or Itch default columns to your preference.
  • Missing Files?  No problem,  Alchimie Zinc’s™ “Find Lost Files” feature will examine the crate structure of your choice and report back any problem that it finds.
  • Have an existing Crate structure in SSL/Itch that you like?  Use the “Import Database” function to import these crates into Alchimie Zinc™.
  • Alchimie Zinc’s™ UI is skinnable and comes with several different (dark, low contrast) themes that are great to use in low lighting conditions.
  • And much more!

We have many more features planned in the the near future so stay tuned!